Suggestion: keep a small room dehumidifier at home, the more you use it, the better it smells! These benefits, you may not even think

Suggestion: keep a small room dehumidifier at home, the more you use it, the better it smells! These benefits, you may not even think

There are many kinds of household appliances. However, many friends will ignore the small room dehumidifier.
Because, for most of the friends, for home dehumidifiers, generally do not care too much. Only when there is condensation and mold in your home will you consider dehumidification.
In fact, if we can prepare a dehumidifier at home, the role will be very big. And, these benefits you may not even think of.
In this article, to share with you dehumidifier, I hope to be able to solve some of your doubts.

What is a small room dehumidifier?

Since we are introducing you to small room dehumidifiers, you must first understand what a dehumidifier is.

In fact, to understand the dehumidifier, we can just take the literal meaning of the word.

For home dehumidifiers, we generally take the following two aspects to understand its characteristics.

  • Role

What a dehumidifier does, is to remove water vapor from the room.
In another way, it is to reduce the indoor humidity and keep the room dry.
In terms of the working process, it is to condense the water vapor inside the room into water and then exhaust it outside. This reduces the humidity in the air and lowers the indoor humidity.

  • Working Principle

The principle of how a small room dehumidifier works is not really very complicated.
Essentially it is about pulling water out of the air to keep it dry.
So, the working principle of a dehumidifier is that the air enters the dehumidifier through a fan. The dehumidifier can condense into water droplets through the condenser and into the catch pan.
Then these condense into water droplets and after that exist in the water catch pan. We complete the process of dehumidification by pouring out the water pressure stored in the water tray.

Small room dehumidifier

What are the benefits of a small room dehumidifier?

The role of dehumidifiers, as well as the principle of work is very simple.
This has led many friends to believe that dehumidifiers do not have much of a role to play in the home, but this is not the case.
If you can use a good dehumidifier, you will find that there will be a lot of benefits, and the following four points, many friends have not thought of.

  • Window condensation in winter

Small room dehumidifier, the first, but also many friends unexpected use is: can solve the winter window condensation.
It is estimated that many friends of this experience, that is, there are always a lot of water droplets on the inner surface of the window glass in winter, in fact, this is the window condensation.

The reason for window condensation is simple: the temperature on the surface of the glass is relatively low, combined with the high humidity in the room. The humid air meets the cooler glass, so water droplets form.
With prolonged window glass condensation, you will notice water all over the top of the window sill, and then the surface around the window, may slowly develop mold and skin.

If you can have a small room dehumidifier, you can solve the following problems:

  1. Put a dehumidifier near the window and then lower the humidity of the air. In this way you will find that the window condensation is less and less.
  2. If you put a dehumidifier and keep dehumidifying the air at night, you will find that the windows are almost free of condensation, and the window condensation is solved.

So, if the window glass surface condensation in winter, in fact, dehumidifier is very useful, really worth trying.

  • The return of spring

Every year in March and April, in many areas of the south of our country there is a kind of weather, called the return to the south day.

In fact, the so-called return to the south day, also is the small room dehumidifier of the air meets the cold air, and finally condensed into water droplets.

This kind of weather, generally appear in some areas of our south, the time is every year in March and April.

In the season of returning to the south, we have found that the walls, floors, and even the ceiling of the home, are a lot of water droplets.

In addition, there is the home of the clothes after washing, every day is damp, long time are moldy, simply can not dry.

In fact, many friends at this time is also ignored the role of dehumidifier.

If we can have a small room dehumidifier at home at this time, we can solve the following problems:
It can effectively reduce the indoor humidity. For example, the installation of a dehumidifier in the indoor dehumidification capacity of more than 10L, you can open every night, the indoor humidity will be reduced a lot.
If you put a dehumidifier indoors and keep it on 24 hours a day, you will find that the indoor walls and floors, slowly become dry. For particularly humid rooms that are prone to condensation, you can leave the dehumidifier on for two or three days. You will find that the wall, the ground is also dry.
So, for the return of the weather, not no way, but did not find a good way, then you can indeed try dehumidifier.

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