Air pollution is so serious, it’s really necessary to buy a house air purifier

Air pollution is so serious, it’s really necessary to buy a house air purifier

If water is the source of life, then has it ever occurred to us that we are always breathing the air is what? Air was originally colorless and transparent, since the emergence of haze, the air became “visible”, so that we are surrounded by tall buildings, trees and scenery covered with a layer of fog color filter. Even if there is no haze in the city, everywhere is car exhaust, want to breathe a mouthful of fresh clean air is too difficult!

The World Health Organization has declared more than ten years ago that nearly 70% of human diseases come from air pollution. ” Air pollution is very worthy of attention, and then this development continues, a number of years after the tumor patients may become geometric progression increase, by then it will be a big deal!” We can not change the air outside, but can breathe in the house ~ but indoor is not as good as imagined, formaldehyde, dust and ash and a series of pollutants everywhere. That’s why humans invented house air purifiers. Every breath we take is very, very important! Korean people pay attention to it, and Japanese people also pay attention to it, so the market share of Korean air purifiers is the first in the world, and Japan is also on a par with Europe and the United States, and our market share is only one-tenth of Japan’s market share. Air purifier is the most important life appliances in our family, it is much more important than air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and other appliances!

House air purifier

Why do we need house air purifiers in our lives?

In reality, many people think that they don’t need air purifiers where they live, at least not as bad as Beijing, so they escape the use of air purifiers.
Wake up, do you have any misunderstanding about the haze?
House air purifiers are products that are used indoors, their use is to improve indoor air, and it doesn’t have much to do with whether or not there is haze outside.
The reason we use air purifiers is that when the haze outside is so bad that you can’t breathe through an open window, air purifiers become the best tool for you to breathe fresh air.
Air purifiers are useful for two major purposes: particulate matter overload and volatile organic compounds overload.

Particulates mainly include dust particles brought in from outdoors, as well as PM 2.5, allergenic pollen, bacteria, viruses, dander keratin, pet shedding, and so on.
If too much particulate matter is inhaled and deposited in the body, it can cause respiratory diseases and even increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease.
Bacteria and viruses, on the other hand, are prone to skin irritation and illness.

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, come from industrial emissions, formaldehyde, kitchen fumes, cleaning agents, and the body’s own emissions.
The danger of VOC is obvious, when the concentration of VOC in the room exceeds the standard, people will feel nausea, headache, and in serious cases, will also be comatose, because it will hurt people’s liver and kidneys, brain and nervous system.

That is why even the home you thought was clean is actually in crisis, especially if there is insufficient internal air convection or it is inconvenient to open windows in winter, the existence of air purifiers should not be underestimated.
When you are shopping for a house air purifier, you will encounter a lot of specialized and difficult to understand terms and indicators, and salesmen even take the opportunity to fool.

Air purifiers are not supposed to be a money-saving investment, so you have to spend what you need to spend, and it doesn’t matter if you buy an expensive one, you’ll be afraid of buying the wrong one and not knowing it.

How to buy a house air purifier?

  • Selection according to the working principle
  1. Passive purification principle
    The passive purification principle is to use the fan to inhale the air and then through the multi-layer filter to purify the dust and impurities in the air. This working principle of the air purifier is by virtue of the fan and the different filters determine the purification effect, and placement and effect is also inseparable.
  2. Active purification principle
    The active purification principle gets rid of the restrictions of fans and filters, and actively releases purification factors in the air, sending sterilization molecules to all corners through diffusion. This purification principle is not limited by the location of placement, and is more suitable for selection.
  3. Dual purification principle
    Dual purification principle is the combination of active and passive two purification principles, can make up for the shortcomings of each of the two principles, the effect is better. However, although the double purification principle is effective, the price is also more expensive. If the budget is sufficient and the air quality requirements of the house is relatively high recommended to choose this principle of house air purifier.
  • Selection based on important parameters
  1. CADR value
    CADR value refers to the efficiency index of the house air purifier, which represents the total amount of air purified per unit of time.CADR value is related to the size of the house area, not the bigger the better. If the CADR value is too high, it will cause a waste of resources. We can choose according to the size of the use of space to select, the general small and medium-sized households to choose CADR value of about 150 can be, larger households should choose CADR value of 200 or more air purifiers.
  2. CCM value
    CCM value refers to the cumulative amount of house air purification, can be divided into four levels of P1, P2, P3 and P4, the higher the level of purification effect is better. If you have enough budget, you can choose P4 grade air purifier, which will have longer service life and more cost-effective.
  • Selection based on purification technology
  1. Ether Quantum Purification Technology
    Ether Quantum purification technology uses a quantum chip to micro-control air quality. Activated carbon is incorporated into the filter to make the purification rate faster. This technology is more significant for the purification of gas pollutants, can effectively kill allergens and efficiently degrade airborne pollutants.
  2. Negative ion purification technology
    Negative ion purification technology can release negative ions in the air, restore the activated carbon of pollutants in the atmosphere, reduce the harm to the human body. It can effectively remove dust, increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, promote human metabolism, but also has a certain sterilization effect. However, the negative ions exist in the air for a relatively short period of time, and need to be released continuously to achieve the effect.
  3. Activated carbon filter purification technology
    Activated carbon filter purification technology is the use of activated carbon on the air particles adsorption, its adsorption capacity is stronger, can effectively adsorb dust in the air, free molecules and so on. But this purification technology can only be temporarily adsorbed, and with the temperature and wind speed changes are easy to let the pollutants free out, the need for regular replacement of filter materials, more trouble.
  4. HEPA house filter purification technology
    HEPA house air filter purification technology for particles capture ability is relatively strong, its adsorption capacity is large purification efficiency is relatively high and has a water-absorbent. This filtration effect is very good, can more effectively filter the impurities in the air. However, because of the haze in our country is more serious, too much dust is easy to cause the problem of shortened service life.
  • Selection according to body structure
  1. Downdraft and updraft
    The lower inlet and upper outlet house air purifiers are the more common type, where the air passes through the filter vertically and stays there for a shorter period of time. This type of air purifier for PM2.5 removal effect is better, but for formaldehyde and other harmful gases and bacteria and viruses effect deviation.

  2. Side inlet and side outlet
    Side inlet and side outlet air purifiers have a small filter wind resistance and a large air area, which can adsorb more harmful gases. This type of air purifier will have a longer service life, but it needs enough space to be placed, otherwise it will not achieve the effect.

How do I take care of my house air purifier?

  1. Pre-filter (generally chassis back cover) used for a long time, the pre-filter will gather some dust, which affects the air intake, affecting the effect of air purification, so you need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust or clean up with a rag, or even water washing.
  2. Filter: part of the filter is needed to regularly get the sun under the sun, so that the purification efficiency can be better maintained.
  3. Deodorizing filters: a few brands of house air purifiers deodorizing filters have reached the technical level of the water system can be washed to maintain the purification efficiency, to shorten the cycle of changing filters.
  4. Ion generator: generally built-in, do not need to clean, the better ion generator work efficiency is higher.

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