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Customer relationship


Timely and effective communication is an important part of establishing and maintaining customer relationships, and it can greatly improve customer’s experience. We set up a “7*24” service hotline to respond to customer’s concerns at any time, which has been well received by our customers.


Knowledge sharing helps customers understand the relationship between their own needs and the company’s products, eliminates customers’ doubts about products and let them build confidence and desire to buy. We regularly introduce our products and production process to major customers through new product introductions and factory inspections, helping customers understand the products and the company in depth.


Listening to the voice of customers is the starting point of all business of the company. While listening to customers’ voices, constantly discovering customers’ queries and concerns and quickly solving them is an effective way to improve customer satisfaction. In order to fully listen to the voice of customers, we have opened various online and offline channels, such as the company website, network platform, WeChat, email, telephone, etc.


Cultural recognition is a key empathy way for us to maintain stable relationships with customers. By showing customers our values (loving-heart and hard-working) and sports culture, we take customers to run and play basketball, invite customers to participate in our annual celebration activities, celebrate birthdays for customers, etc., so that customers fall in love with the company’s culture.


The CRM (customer relationship management) system can collect, analyze and store customer’s information at all times, including purchase records, payment terms, communication content, etc. so that we will quickly understand each customer’s preferences and potential needs, and formulate targeted sales accordingly, to meet customer’s demands to the greatest extent and improve customer’s satisfaction.

Customer’s satisfaction

We take many ways to improve customer satisfaction, gain a good reputation and win the market.

Improvement of service quality