Small room dehumidifier

Small room dehumidifier

The Small room dehumidifier is a compact, portable device designed to reduce excess moisture and humidity levels in small spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, or small basements. These dehumidifiers prevent problems like mold growth, musty odors, and condensation, helping to create a more comfortable, healthier indoor environment.

Product Details

Create a comfortable and healthier living environment with our Small Room Dehumidifier. Designed specifically for smaller spaces, this compact and efficient dehumidifier effectively removes excess moisture from the air, helping to combat dampness, musty odors, and the growth of mold and mildew in your home or office.

Efficient Moisture Removal: Our Small Room Dehumidifier efficiently extracts excess moisture from the air, reducing humidity levels and creating a drier environment. By removing moisture, it helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and allergens, providing you with a more comfortable and healthier living space.

Compact and Portable Design: With its compact size, our Small Room Dehumidifier is perfect for use in small areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, or offices. Its portable design allows you to move it easily from room to room, targeting specific areas where excess moisture is a concern.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy the benefits of our Small Room Dehumidifier without any noise disruptions. The advanced technology used in its design ensures whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to sleep, work, or relax without any disturbance. Maintain a peaceful environment while effectively reducing humidity levels.

Easy-to-Use Controls: Our Small Room Dehumidifier features user-friendly controls that make operation effortless. With intuitive buttons and adjustable settings, you can easily control the dehumidification level and customize the humidity settings to your preference. Take control of the moisture levels in your small space with ease.

Auto Shut-Off and Safety Features: For your safety and convenience, our Small Room Dehumidifier is equipped with an auto shut-off feature. This feature automatically powers off the dehumidifier when the water tank reaches its maximum capacity, preventing any potential overflow or damage. The dehumidifier is also designed with safety features to ensure worry-free operation.

Efficient and Energy-Saving: Despite its small size, our Small Room Dehumidifier offers efficient and energy-saving performance. It utilizes advanced technology to remove moisture effectively while consuming minimal energy. Enjoy the benefits of reduced humidity levels without a significant impact on your electricity bill.

Maintain a Healthy Living Environment: By using our Small Room Dehumidifier, you can create a healthier living environment for you and your family. With decreased humidity, you can help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and allergens, which can cause respiratory issues and trigger allergies. Breathe easier and enjoy a more comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Invest in our Small Room Dehumidifier and experience the benefits of optimal moisture control. Say goodbye to excess humidity, musty odors, and the risks associated with high moisture levels. Enjoy a drier, healthier living space with the convenience and effectiveness of our compact dehumidifier.


1. High dehumidification efficiency: equipped with dual dehumidification condensers, capable of extracting up to 16 ounces of moisture per day from air with a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 80%, thereby improving air quality and creating a healthier and more comfortable life environment.

2. Safe and smart: Optional drain pipe, put it in the bathroom or kitchen, no need to pour water every day. It also has an automatic shutdown function, when the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will automatically shut down and emit red light, and remind the user to pour out the water, thus ensuring safe use even when the user is not at home.

3. Ultra-quiet mode: Ultra-quiet sleep mode, considerate 35dB whisper-quiet operation, allowing users to rest easy and fall asleep at ease.

4. Colorful atmosphere light: It comes with breathing atmosphere lights of various colors, which automatically change colors in the form of breathing lights. When you like a certain color, you only need to wait for the light to automatically change to that color, and then press the light button to pause on the color you like, creating a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere for users.

5. Small and portable: suitable for small rooms, easy to carry, suitable for travel. With its user-friendly controls and compact size, this dehumidifier is ideal for those who need a reliable, space-saving option.

6. Detachable filter: Equipped with a detachable filter for worry-free cleaning. With its simple installation and intuitive controls, this dehumidifier is the perfect choice for a high-performance, low-maintenance solution. Say goodbye to excess moisture and hello to a more comfortable, healthier living space.


General Troubleshooting

1. Malfunction of the ventilation system:

1) Inlet grille and outlet grille: A. Man-made damage or aging cracks; B. The air inlet or outlet is severely blocked;

2) Air filter: blocked or damaged by dust;

3) Evaporator: A. Evaporator condenser fin dust accumulation; B. Icing on the surface of the evaporator;

4) Fan motor: A. The capacitor is damaged; B. The fan motor holds the shaft; C. The rotor and the shaft are loose; D. Shaft bending deformation; E. Bearing damage; F. Winding burned;

5) Wind blade: A. The fixing screw is loose; B. The fan blades are deformed or damaged; C. Dust accumulated on wind blades seriously affects the air volume; D. There is also a phenomenon that the wind blades of small dehumidifiers are stuck due to serious dust accumulation.

2. Troubleshooting sequence for poor dehumidification effect:

1) The air filter is seriously dusty and the air flow is blocked;

2) The air outlet sucks obstacles, and the airflow is blocked;

3) Fan speed slows down;

4) The room is poorly sealed, and a large amount of outdoor humid air infiltrates;

5) The room size is too large;

6) Excessive humidity in the room;

7) There is a lot of dust on the fins of the evaporator, which reduces the effect of freezing and dehumidification;

8) Frosting on the surface of the evaporator;

9) There is a lot of oil accumulated in the evaporator, and the cooling and dehumidification effect is reduced;

10) Insufficient refrigerant charge;

11) refrigerant leaks;

12) The specification of the capillary is wrong, the diameter of the tube is large, and the throttling and pressure reduction are not enough;

13) Ice blockage in the refrigeration system;

14) Partial plugging of the refrigeration system;

15) There is air in the refrigeration system;

16) Compressor has poor compression and reduced displacement.

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