Dehumidifier for room

Dehumidifier for room

Dehumidifier for room determines the square footage or volume of the space to be dehumidified. Choose a dehumidifier with the proper capacity, usually measured in pints per day (PPD). Consider the manufacturer's recommended coverage area to ensure effective moisture removal.Features several eco-friendly and cost-saving features, including washable filter, automatic safety shutdown (when full water capacity), defrost (saves energy and protects coil]) and restart (after power off).

Product Details

Take control of excess moisture and create a more comfortable living environment with our Room Dehumidifier. Specially designed for rooms of all sizes, this exceptional device combines powerful functionality with sleek aesthetics to tackle humidity-related issues and improve your overall comfort.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of excessive humidity that can lead to mold, mildew, and musty odors. Our Room Dehumidifier efficiently removes moisture from the air, helping to prevent the growth of mold and allergens. It maintains an optimal humidity level, making your living space feel fresh, dry, and welcoming.

Equipped with advanced dehumidification technology, this device extracts moisture from the air, reducing excess humidity and dampness. With its generous moisture removal capacity, it can effectively dehumidify rooms of various sizes, from bedrooms and living rooms to basements and laundry areas.

The Room Dehumidifier features user-friendly controls, making it incredibly easy to operate. Adjust the desired humidity level using the intuitive interface, and let the dehumidifier do the rest. The built-in humidistat continuously monitors the humidity levels in the room and automatically adjusts its operation to maintain the set humidity level, providing you with optimal comfort.

With its sleek and compact design, our Room Dehumidifier seamlessly blends into any room decor. Its portable nature allows you to move it easily from one area to another, addressing specific moisture issues as needed. Additionally, the device operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment while efficiently dehumidifying your space.

Safety is paramount, and our Room Dehumidifier incorporates essential safety features. The auto-shutoff function activates when the water tank reaches its maximum capacity, preventing any potential water overflow. The device also features an indicator light that signals when it’s time to empty the water tank, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Transform your living space into a comfortable, refreshing haven with our Room Dehumidifier. Say goodbye to excess moisture, mold, and musty odors, and enjoy the benefits of a drier, healthier environment. Breathe easy, live better with our Room Dehumidifier. Order now and experience the difference of optimal humidity levels in your home!


1. Powerful: The high-capacity compressor system can monitor relative humidity and remove excess indoor moisture, thereby improving overall air quality, eliminating odors, promoting ventilation and reducing the risk of airborne allergens, mold spores, dust mites, mold and other health hazards grow.

2. Efficient and compact: In a humid closed small room, it can collect up to 450ml) of water within 24 hours, making people enjoy more comfortable and healthier air. At the same time, it can neutralize the musty smell and reduce the feeling of stuffiness in the room.

3. Great choice for high humidity environments: Suitable for any high humidity environment with poor ventilation, including basements, attics, small spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, RVs, pantries, closets, and laundry rooms, etc.

4. 65°F, 60% relative humidity: Users can monitor the humidistat on the large illuminated screen, adjust the controls with the touch of a button, one-touch operation for easy operation, and see at a glance when the filter needs to be cleaned or the bucket needs to be emptied light up the alarm.

5. Spacious water tank: The humidifier features a built-in removable 3L water tank with a water level indicator window and built-in handle, paired with a powerful turbo boost mode for quick and easy emptying of the tank.

6. Continuous drain: Optional hose connection to deliver water to a sink, drain or window to prevent moisture from accumulating.

7. Charming and portable design: There is an independent light button, which can emit 7-color lights to create a romantic atmosphere. The design unit blends in with existing decor and moves easily from room to room with the handle and smooth-rolling casters.

8. Automatic shutdown protection: When the water tank reaches 700~800ml, the dehumidifier will automatically shut down and the indicator light will flash red. So it is very safe and convenient to use it even when the user is not at home.

9. ENERGY STAR RATED: Features several eco-friendly and cost-saving features, including washable filter, automatic safety shutdown (when full water capacity), defrost (saves energy and protects coil]) and restart (after power off).


How to use the dehumidifier correctly

The dehumidifier is a seasonal product. If it is used properly, it can not only exert the maximum effect of the dehumidifier, but also reduce the incidence of failure and prolong its service life. Here are a few tips on the proper use, maintenance, and care of your dehumidifier.

1. Correctly adjust the set humidity of the dehumidifier: When the user adjusts the humidity of the dehumidifier, he should set it according to his own feeling of humidity, the number of people in the space, the size of the space and other actual conditions. Usually in the state of less activity such as resting and sleeping, the relative humidity of the room is around 60% RH, and the human body will feel more comfortable. If the humidity setting is too low, in addition to making people feel dry, due to the large difference between indoor and outdoor humidity, the moisture expands quickly, resulting in frequent startup and shutdown of the compressor, which shortens the service life of the dehumidifier and consumes more energy. Multiple energy sources.

2. Regularly clean the dehumidifier: Regularly remove the filter screen of the dehumidifier for cleaning, which can effectively improve the dust removal effect of the dehumidifier and improve the ambient air quality. Regular cleaning of the heat sink of the outdoor unit can effectively improve its heat transfer coefficient and efficiency, and improve the efficiency of the dehumidifier.

3. Regularly ask professionals to check the dehumidifier: After a long-term use of the dehumidifier, the electrical circuits and control components in the unit will age to varying degrees, which will seriously cause damage to the unit and the human body. Regularly ask professionals to check the circuit of the dehumidifier, replace the aging components, and replenish the refrigerant, which can prevent the harm to the machine and human body due to the aging of the components, and keep the dehumidifier in good working condition.

4. If the dehumidifier is not used for a long time, protective measures should be taken: when the dehumidifier is not used for a long time in winter or when going out, a protective cover should be used to cover the dehumidifier to avoid the sun, rain and dust deposition, which will cause difficulties in cleaning and maintenance in the future.

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