Dehumidifier for house

Dehumidifier for house

When choosing a Dehumidifier for your home, there are a few factors to consider based on your specific needs and the size of your home.The dehumidifier adopts semiconductor condensation technology, which is suitable for bedrooms, storage rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, RVs, etc. It can keep the humidity below 45% and remove moisture in the air efficiently.

Product Details


1. Efficient dehumidification: The dehumidifier adopts semiconductor condensation technology, which is suitable for bedrooms, storage rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, RVs, etc. It can keep the humidity below 45% and efficiently remove moisture in the air.

2. Colorful night light: The dehumidifier has 7 changing lights (can be set to be always on), creating a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere.

3. Automatic shutdown function: When the water tank is full or in the wrong position, it will automatically shut down to prevent water from overflowing and protect the dehumidifier from damage. The LED light turns red and blinks to remind you to empty the water tank.

4. Two working modes: The dehumidifier is designed with strong speed and night mode to meet various dehumidification needs of different groups of people. It can switch freely between 2 modes. In aggressive mode, it quickly reduces humidity. Night mode is super quiet and won’t disturb sleep and study.

5. Space-saving and easy to carry: The dehumidifier is small in size and can be equipped with a remote control, so it can be easily moved to any place, such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement, garage, wardrobe, etc.

6. Create a healthy and comfortable environment: According to research, if the moisture in the air exceeds 50%, discomfort or other health problems will arise. When the humidity exceeds 45%, the dehumidifier can start to work, collect moisture, keep the air fresh, and create a healthy and comfortable environment.

use common sense

1. Humidity in the air is as ubiquitous as temperature, everywhere. Damage to metal oxidation by moisture and mold occurs involuntarily at any time. Mold can grow when the relative humidity of the environment is greater than 60%, and if the relative humidity is greater than 85%, it is a high-incidence environment for mold.

2. Optical lenses, magnetic recording materials (including optical discs), video films, electronic information media, electronic components, instruments, meters, powder materials, paper, wood, silk, leather tobacco, food, tea, grain, etc. in industrial products All items need to control humidity.

3. Avoid using the dehumidifier next to heat sources, and keep the air inlet and outlet unblocked. In general, it is more appropriate for the dehumidifier to be placed in the center of the space, and there should be enough space around it, and no items should be piled up. Keep the air flow, you can achieve a more uniform dehumidification effect.

4. The refrigerated dehumidifier will frost or freeze when used in low temperature (below 18°C) environment. Dehumidifiers with defrosting function will defrost automatically, and dehumidifiers without defrosting function can defrost manually (by power off). In general, when the temperature is low and the humidity is low, if the humidity is lower than 40%, the effect of dehumidification may not be obvious and the speed may be slow, which is a normal phenomenon.

5. During the operation of the dehumidifier, hot air at the air outlet is a phenomenon of normal operation of the machine. In winter, when the humidity is low, the temperature at the air outlet will also drop significantly, which is a normal phenomenon.

6. When the user purchases a dehumidifier, the calculation of the dehumidification capacity should comprehensively consider noise and other indicators. Generally, a dehumidifier with a large dehumidification capacity is relatively loud and belongs to the type of industrial equipment. If the noise is low and the dehumidification effect can meet the target demand, it is recommended to buy several small dehumidifiers.

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